Snacking & Shopping at Kimberton Whole Foods


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Sweetwater Baking Co.’s buttermilk-soaked granola, creamy raw milk from Camphill Village Dairy, and my very first wheatgrass shot; can you guess where I stopped recently for an afternoon snack?

If you’re looking for the feel of a local co-op but with a wider selection and multiple  locations, check out Kimberton Whole Foods.  Last week, I stopped by the store in Malvern and spent half an hour with manager Robin Brett. He’s been working there for 10 years. “Or 28,” he says, “It’s my family’s business.”

Brett took me me on tour of the store, highlighting his favorite local items and telling me about the farmers who provide them. Paul and Ember of Country Time Farms have been dropping off their humanely raised pork products weekly for 15 years. Brett likes the beef from Weaver Valley Farm in Strasburg. Raw milk – the top selling local dairy product – comes from Camphill Village in Kimberton. “Supporting the local farms is what we built our business on,” Brett said.

His dad, Terry Brett, opened the first store at Seven Stars Farm where he worked in the late 80s. “This was back when you had to drive over an hour to get to the nearest health food store,” Robin Brett said. Since then, Kimberton Whole Foods expanded, providing a market for local growers and meeting a growing demand for organic and fair food. This small, local grocery chain can now count me among their devoted group of fans.



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