This November marks two big milestones for me.

First of all, Edible Philly is turning 2 with this issue! And we’ve covered so much in that time. I’m very proud of the past eight magazines, our all-star team of writers and photographers, and our advertising partners that are so essential to our growth. The stories we’ve put together have been varied—some fun, some informative and some controversial. (You can still read them all in our digital editions, available at

I have learned so much in these past two years that I can’t help but feel like we’re just getting started and the best is yet to come. Every issue is rich with lessons—from the practical (send out writers and photographers together for best results!) to the philosophical (what do the farmers’ markets mean?). Each new collaboration enriches Edible Philly and our local food community. I can’t wait to see what the next two years will bring.

This month I celebrate another major milestone in life—my tenth anniversary with my husband, Dan. His name isn’t on this masthead, but he’s worked on every issue—and everything else I’ve written or edited this past decade. He is my sage advisor, brainstorming partner and headline helper, just to scratch the surface of the role he plays in my work. It helps a lot that he is just as passionate about local food and restaurants as I am.

In many ways, food has been at the center of our marriage. We take our meals together seriously, rarely eating dinner or breakfast apart. I estimate that we’ve sat down to eat together more than 7,000 times during our decade of marriage. We grocery shop and cook together every weekend. Some of our most treasured memories (holiday or otherwise) are walking through the city, stopping at a couple different restaurants for a plate and a glass of wine, picking up some obscure wedge of cheese, cruising a farmers’ market or Reading Terminal.

I am so lucky I married into this food-crazed club. If you are also part of a couple or extended family or group of friends that embraces the food life as much as we do, there is no better time of year to celebrate that with your loved ones. With the holiday season upon us, I urge you to cook special meals at home and visit our many amazing restaurants in the spirit of wringing every last drop of fun out of this time of year. I hope this issue offers you many ideas for how to do just that.

Thank you for reading these past two years. Happy Holidays!

Joy Manning

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